Where Did Amherst Madison Get its Name? Amherst Madison Our Story for Childrens Cancer
The “Story” of Amherst Madison begins in Boise, Idaho and is rooted in making a difference in the lives of others. For the Founders of the company, the need to create meaningful change was magnified by personal experiences with cancer. Like many of us, they have lost close family members to the disease.

While in college, one of the Founders had a life-changing experience volunteering for a childhood cancer organization. He was introduced to two children, a boy and girl, both battling Leukemia. The Founder became involved in their lives and was blessed enough to watch them overcome many of their ailments. It was during one of the many conversations about building a real estate company that would truly “Make A Difference” that the Founder casually discussed the story of the bravery seen in the two children. The experience resonated, and it was decided that Amherst Madison would donate a portion of its revenue to various charity groups that support the less fortunate. This is accomplished, primarily, through Amherst Madison’s partnership with our For-Purpose Organization.

So, how did they arrive at the name Amherst Madison?  That was an easy decision…the boy who survived cancer was named “Amherst”, while the little girl was named “Madison”.